What Is RescueTUBE?

RescueTUBE creates video stories for shelter animals. Everyone wants a cute puppy or kitten, but what about those that are just a bit older or need some extra attention due to medical or behavior problems – don’t they deserve a home too?

So...What's The Problem?

RescueTUBE is the Solution!

Haven't Heard of a Video Story?

A video story is a visual way to tell potential adopters about an animal’s journey using sound and imagery.  These videos are so important because they allow the opportunity for an animal’s personality to shine.  We focus on animals that are sick, shy, abandoned, and those who cannot show their true colors in a shelter environment!

We Can't Do It Without Your Community!

RescueTUBE turns raw video footage taken by YOUR volunteers and shelter staff into compelling videos that tell the animal’s story. We’ll compile, edit, add music, and even narrate the perfect video story if you know it.  Showing their personality in a video story is the perfect way to connect them with potential adopters & we’re here to help!

Kennel QR Codes and Social Media Platforms

Once your animal video stories have been created, you will hang unique Kennel QR Code Cards on the kennel of each featured animal for the week.  Potential adopters walking through your shelter will take out their phones, scan the QR code, and the unique animal video story will pop up.

In addition to Kennel QR Code Cards, each video story will live on YouTube.  We will also post photos of the weekly featured animals to your social media platforms to reach more potential adopters!