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RescueTUBE is all about providing everyone with the freedom to capture, create, and share captivating videos without the hassle. We’ll bring the ease of uploading, organizing, and editing multiple raw video footage right at your fingertips!

So, What’s The Problem?

RescueTUBE is the Solution!

Video Creation Made Easy

With RescueTUBE, your shelter staff, volunteers, and fosters can all participate in capturing and uploading videos—be it of animals, events, rescue missions, orientations, and even recognition ceremonies for staff or volunteers. No need to hire videographers to capture an event from different perspectives! RescueTUBE makes it possible for everyone in your shelter to just whip out their smartphones, hit record, then upload!

Additionally, you can classify your footage according to their video type (e.g. adoption videos, fundraising event videos, playgroup videos, etc.) and each compilation will come with their own code. You will no longer need to worry about transferring video files from one device to another, nor getting footage mixed up, misplaced, or lost since all your videos will be in one place—organized and readily accessible for editing or posting!

We’re Ready to Lend a Helping Hand!

RescueTUBE, offered exclusively on Doobert, aims to help hardworking shelter staff and volunteers, as well as kindhearted rescuers and fosters, by making the process of creating compelling videos from scratch as simple as possible. All you need to do is provide us with the raw video footage taken by YOUR shelter staff or volunteers, and talk to us about your preferred editing style. We’re ready to work with you and turn your video ideas into reality!

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Capture, Edit, And Share!

Simply download, scan and record. Your volunteers and shelter staff will download the Doobert mobile app (no account necessary), scan the QR code, capture video footage, and then upload the video with the simple click of a button. Everything is in one place and easy to use!

Volunteers and shelter staff have the most important role in this process! Without capturing the raw video footage, this wouldn’t be a success. We are here to support the wonderful work you’re doing not just for the animals in your care, but also for your community!

If you choose to add on to your package, every potential adopter that comes through your shelter doors will be able to identify your animals through unique kennel cards. By just scanning the code on the card, they’ll be able to see their story and personality come to life. It’s hard to know what an animal’s personality is like in a shelter setting…seeing is believing! They’ll be able to watch the short video story to see how they behave outside of their cage while they are playing, interacting in a normal environment, and even with people and other animals – wouldn’t that help them decide?

Our Mission

Here at RescueTUBE, our mission is to help your shelter or rescue create captivating videos that capture everything that you do for the animals. Once we have the raw footage, we’ll edit, add music, tell the story of each video, and captivate the audience of potential adopters.  We can also create and post powerful images on your social media platforms to ensure your shelter or rescue is being seen by as many people as possible. We’ve researched & found the best of the best templates to ensure visibility and engagement!

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