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RescueTUBE is all about providing everyone with the freedom to capture, create, and share captivating videos without the hassle. We’ll bring the ease of uploading, organizing, and editing multiple raw video footage right at your fingertips!

So, What’s The Problem?

RescueTUBE is the Solution!

Collecting Videos has Never Been so Easy!

With RescueTUBE, your staff, volunteers and community members can all help capture moments through videos and images. Whether it’s animals for adoption, annual events, fundraisers, enrichment programs, training sessions or volunteer recognition, now you’re in control and able to capture different perspectives. RescueTUBE makes it possible for everyone in your organization and community to just whip out their smartphones, enter a code, then start recording!

Additionally, you can classify your footage according to their video type (e.g. adoption videos, fundraising event videos, playgroup videos, etc.) and each compilation will come with their own code. You will no longer need to worry about transferring video files from one device to another, nor getting footage mixed up, misplaced, or lost since all your videos will be in one place—organized and readily accessible for editing or posting!

Ready, Set, Go...

We recognize as you do the importance of having videos and posting them to social media on a regular basis but know it’s not always easy to get the footage you need or maybe you don’t have enough time…Why not rely on your volunteers and community members to help collect content for you?

Does this sound like your organization?

I’m the only one able to take videos?

We don’t have enough staff to help?

Our volunteers take videos but it’s not easy to get the videos from them.

I’m a marketing department of one and there just isn’t enough time!

RescueTUBE is the solution so you can focus on saving more lives & bring more visibility to your organization! 

With RescueTUBE you’ll simply create a unique code to share with staff, volunteers and community members which allows them to start capturing videos and photos of animals for adoption, events, transports, training, enrichment and so much more!

Your volunteers, staff and community members will download the free Doobert mobile app on their Android or Apple device, enter the unique code you provided them and hit record – it’s that simple! Once they are done capturing, they’ll simply upload and within seconds you as the organization will have access to their videos/photos.

Now that you have the content, posting it to your social media and website is simple!

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Capture, Edit, And Share!

Your volunteers and shelter staff will simply download the Doobert mobile app (no account necessary), enter a unique bucket code, capture videos or photos, and then upload the files straight to their designated buckets on your organization’s RescueTUBE dashboard on the Doobert website. Everything is in one place and easy to use!

Volunteers and shelter staff have the most important role in this process! Without capturing the raw video footage, this wouldn’t be a success. We are here to support the wonderful work you’re doing not just for the animals in your care, but also for your community!

Once you start your 14-day free trial you’ll be able to upgrade to our Standard or Premium package at anytime. Depending on the size of your organization you’ll find a package that is right for you!

Our Mission

Here at RescueTUBE, our mission is simple. Provide organizations with an easy to use tool that allows them to simply create a unique bucket for a specific animal, event, foster, etc. and then share that code with volunteers so they can help collect more videos and photos of the animals!

In addition to the easy to use tool, you’ll also be able to select the plan that works for your organization.

Ready to sign up your organization on Doobert?