Sponsorship Opportunity

Be A Hero!

Become a sponsor and save animal lives!

Make Your Mark

If you love animals like we do then what are you waiting for…let us help you make your mark! Imagine a 10-15 second advertisement placed in up to 20 videos per month. Not only will you get visibility through videos, but you’ll be seen across various platforms reaching a wide range of audiences – who doesn’t want that?

  • At minimum 8 videos per month
  • Branded social media across multiple platforms
  • 10-15 second advertisement inserted into every video

Why Sponsor?

Connect to animal communities and professionals all around the nation.

RescueTUBE supports shelters all over the United States and we invite you to become a part of it!

Show compassion and support to the animals

What Are the Benefits?

You can’t beat visibility through a video, a way to connect and share what you do and a way to drive more business and build a strong community connection! Not to mention you’ll benefit from being seen on various social media platforms and we’ll even tag you on your favorite social media platform!

  • Opportunity to drive more business
  • Visibility through videos
  • You’ll be seen across various platforms with a range of audiences
  • Tagged on social media posts

Support at a Local, State, or National Level

  • Local: contact animal shelter- see if involved or send link
  • State or National: contact us

Story Telling

  • Who- who is this for?  (for shelter but indirectly for animals)
  • What- what is rescuetube and what do I get out of this? (visibility, recognition, knowing your impact)
  • When- when is it shared/post?
  • Where- where will my commercial be seen?
  • Why- why do I want to be involved? (support local community and animals)
  • How- how long does it last?  (30 days) How will my contribution help?