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Does your organization struggle to collect all of the photos and videos that your staff and volunteers capture of animals, events, and more?  Do you wish that you had one easy place where you could access all of the content at once?  What if you could make compelling, edited videos to get more animals adopted and to get more visibility for your organization?

Imagine What You Could Do...

Take a minute and think about some of the animals in your shelter or rescue that just can’t show their true personalities.  Maybe its because they are afraid of loud noises, strangers, or are just uncomfortable being in an unfamiliar place.  How amazing would it be to be able to capture the loving and silly personalities of those animals?  Taking videos of adoptable animals when they are out on a walk or playing with a volunteer can show potential adopters how wonderful that shy-looking face really is!

Now, think about the importance of your fundraising events, and how great it would be to advertise them to more people in your area.  A short video could show people in your community just how great the events are, and it could encourage others to attend the next one!

Here’s another idea: There are so many people that are thinking about fostering an animal, but they have not made the leap because they are unsure of what the experience will actually entail.  Imagine interviewing and capturing video of current fosters in your program to explain what fostering has been like for them, memorable stories, and to relieve any worries of those potential fosters.  Basically, the possibilities are endless!

With the smallest package, you have enough space for 100 three-minute videos or 300 one-minute videos.  Imagine what you could do with all that space! Interested in more space for videos? Contact us today to learn more!

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It Sounds Great, But What Do I Have To Do?

RescueTUBE makes it easy for your staff and volunteers to take video on their phones and then upload the footage directly into folders that you create to stay organized.  Offered exclusively through Doobert, all your staff and volunteers need to do is download the free Doobert app, type in their respective code, and then start recording!

To keep all of your related content together, you can create as many folders or “buckets” as you would like!  Capturing a fundraising event? Create a folder for all things fundraising.  Videoing adoptable animals? Make a folder for that!  Maybe you want to take video of surgeries that your vet performs.  You can create folders for all of the different categories that your organization chooses!

My Video Footage Is Uploaded. Now What?

Once you’ve finished uploading your raw footage to the folders of your choosing, you can edit the content into amazing videos.  Not sure how to edit or don’t have the time? No problem! The professionals at RescueTUBE can edit your footage into compelling videos for you!

What Is Doobert?

This service is only featured exclusively on Doobert!  What is Doobert? Doobert is a reputable animal rescue organization, bringing together animal rescue volunteers and shelter organizations to save and transport animals. Doobert’s technology powers your passion for animals and allows you to choose how to get involved.

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