About Us

About Us

RescueTUBE is built for animal welfare organizations so they can capture the amazing work they are doing & save more lives!

It wasn’t long after we started connecting with dozens of organizations big and small, that we soon realized there was a common theme between them. Every organization knew they needed MORE VIDEOS to post on social media but didn’t have an easy way to get them. 

Most organizations only have one marketing or social media person – so much to do in so little time.  How do they get videos of all the animals they have for adoption? What about all the animals in foster homes and the videos taken of those animals…how does the organization easily collect those videos to create videos to help get them adopted quicker. That’s when we knew we could build technology to help get the job done!

We believe that saving animals should be a community effort. Now with the help of RescueTUBE, organizations can now rely on other staff, volunteers and community members to get involved! The more video footage you have means the more videos you can post and gain more visibility, right?

Of course saving lives is the number one reason we do this, but don’t forget that with videos you’ll gain more volunteers, more visibility and support & more support means you’ll be able to build your programs and share videos of your events! 

Our vision is to involve communities everywhere and show them that when we work together we can save more lives!

Getting started with RescueTUBE is easy! We want to know…what will you video first?

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